February 2015

Title News Type Post date
Farewell function cancelled - Dr.P.Muthaiyan, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Economics Circular 27-02-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Mr. Sivapragasam P on 12.03.2015 - DMS Circular 26-02-2015
Recruitment for two Guest Faculty Positions Careers 26-02-2015
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.S.Ashok Kumar on 12.03.2015 - Dept. of Electronics Engineering Circular 26-02-2015
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce of Ms.H.N.Smitha on 04.03.2015 - Dept. of Physics Circular 26-02-2015
Congratulations to Research Scholars – Dept. of Sanskrit Student News 26-02-2015
Farewell to Dr.P.Muthaiyan, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Economics on 27.02.2015 Circular 26-02-2015
Special Lectures on 27.02.2015 - UGC Centre for Southern Asia Studies Events 26-02-2015
Public Auction – Usufructs of Fruit Trees existing in the University Campus for the Season 2015 Tenders 25-02-2015
Recruitment – Dept. of Personnel & Training, New Delhi Circular 25-02-2015
Recruitment – Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi Circular 25-02-2015
Invited Lecture on 26.02.2015 - Dept. of Computer Sciecne, Karaikal Campus Events 25-02-2015
Indian Air Force Fast Track Selection Circular 25-02-2015
Pre-Ph.D. Public Seminar Submission of Mr.Raja Sekhar Nirujogi on 10.03.2015 - Centre for Bioinformatics Circular 25-02-2015
Tenders invited for Supply & Installation of RF Magnetron Sputtering Unit - Dept. of Physics Tenders 25-02-2015
Usage of Anti-Virus Software on Servers/PCs - Computer Centre Circular 25-02-2015
One Day Workshop on Accessibility Computing Accessibility Innovation Club Inauguration on 26.02.2015 Events 24-02-2015
Workshop to facilitate faculty members in video production of lectures Circular 24-02-2015
Proposal invited for undertaking research project - DRDO Circular 24-02-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis presentation of Ms.Shijina on 05.03.2015 - Dept. of Philosophy Circular 24-02-2015
Special Lecture on 26.02.2015 - Dept. of Green Energy Technology Events 24-02-2015
Tender invited for purchase of Carrier & Standard Gases - Centre for Pollution Control & Env. Engineering Tenders 24-02-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis presentation of Mr.Gomathi Sankar on 04.03.2015 - Dept. of International Business Circular 24-02-2015
Placement Congratulations M.Sc. Students - Dept.of Statistics Circular 23-02-2015
Special Lecture on Promotion of Religious Harmony in the Present World on 24.02.2015 - DPIS Events 23-02-2015