September 2015

Title News Type Post date
Ph.D. Synopsis Submission Seminar of Mr.T.Anantharaju on 30.09.2015 Circular 28-09-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis Submission Seminar of Mr.S.G.Antony Godson on 01.10.2015 Circular 28-09-2015
Appointment of Co-ordinator in Asian Christian Studies Circular 28-09-2015
29th International Conference of ICJMSNTSFA' 2016 - Dept. of Mathematics Events 28-09-2015
Awareness Programme on International Suicide Prevention Week on 28th Sep 2015 Events 25-09-2015
One Day Workshop on Research methods for Project Work in Social Work on 29th Sep 2015 Events 25-09-2015
Competitions of Elocution & Slogan Writing Circular 25-09-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Ms.Poornima.P.S. on 30.09.2015 Circular 25-09-2015
Special Lecture & Excavation site Visit on 28.09.2015 - Dept. of Anthropology Events 25-09-2015
Recruitment for One Research Fellow - Dept. of Disaster Management Careers 25-09-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation Notice of Gautam Chandra on 01.10.2015 Circular 25-09-2015
Appointment of Assistant Dean, Students’ Welfare (Women) Circular 23-09-2015
Appointment of Dean, Students’ Welfare Circular 23-09-2015
Hindi Competitions - JIPMER Circular 23-09-2015
Tender invited for providing additional power supply for research labs & providing dedicated earthing to the equipments Tenders 23-09-2015
List of Prize Winners - Srut Lekhan & Nibandh Lekhan Circular 23-09-2015
Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations on 02.10.2015 Circular 23-09-2015
Special Lecture on Identity Politics in India & Europe on 23 & 25, Sep 2015 - Centre for European Studies Events 23-09-2015
Recruitment of One Project JRF/Fellow - Dept. of Food Science & Technology Careers 23-09-2015
Ph-D. Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.L.Kuppusamy on 19.10.2015 Circular 23-09-2015
Appointment of Head to the Dept. of French Circular 22-09-2015
Appointment of Head to the Dept. of Chemistry Circular 22-09-2015
Appointment of Head to the Dept. of Commerce Circular 22-09-2015
Select list & Wait list & Intimation letter for Provisional admission to Ph.D. - Dept of Performing Arts Admission 22-09-2015
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.A.Akilan on 28th Sep 2015 Circular 22-09-2015