December 2016

Title News Type Post date
INVITES YOU FOR - GREENING THE CAMPUS - by Planting Seventeen Tree Saplings to Welcome the Green Year-2017 Circular 31-12-2016
Ph.D Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mrs.M.Malathi on 18.01.2017 Circular 30-12-2016
Introducing of AYUSH disciplines - Ph.D programmes Fellowship Circular 30-12-2016
Tender for Printing of Placement Brochure - Dept. of International Business Tenders 30-12-2016
Ph.D Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.Satyam Verma on 23.01.2017 Circular 29-12-2016
Tender for purchase of Lab Equipments - Dept. of Microbiology Tenders 29-12-2016
Expression of Interest invited from Male faculty members to serve as Hostel Warden Circular 29-12-2016
Extension of Ph.D Fellowship for the fourth year in respect of Ph.D Scholars - Sanction order Circular 29-12-2016
Re-tender for Supply & Installation of Desktop Computers, Laptops, Printers & Scanner Tenders 28-12-2016
Tender for Replacing the damaged water line & replacing of damaged wooden door frames Tenders 28-12-2016
Pre-Ph.D Synopsis Seminar of Mr.James John on 20.01.2017 Circular 28-12-2016
Appointment of Hostel Warden(Boys) for Port Blair campus Circular 27-12-2016
Contract Employees to enroll in Biometric Attendance System Circular 27-12-2016
Tender for purchase of Scientific Animal Experimentation equipments Tenders 26-12-2016
Call for Submission of Proposals related to Lab Animal based research work Circular 26-12-2016
International Human Rights Day on 27th December 2016 Events 26-12-2016
1st World Conference on Solid Electrolytes for Advanced Applications: Garnets and Competitors during 6-9, Sep. 2017 Events 23-12-2016
Ph.D Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Tumchopemo E.Tsanglao on 20th Jan 2016 Circular 23-12-2016
Not to engage outsourced persons during winter vacation from 26.12.2016 to 16.01.2017 Circular 23-12-2016
Invitation of One day Workshop on Official Language Workshop on 28th Dec 2016 Circular 23-12-2016
Posting of Deputy Registrar (SRC) & also Liaison Officer for looking after matters relating to reservation for SC/ST Circular 23-12-2016
Hostel Notice - Use of Water Coolers in all the Hostels Circular 22-12-2016
Tender for Printing of Registers for Central Stores Tenders 22-12-2016
Corringendum - Tender for Printing And Supply of Degree Certificates Tenders 22-12-2016
Guest Lecture on 23.12.2016 - Centre for Pollution Control & Environmental Engineering Events 22-12-2016