Dr. Amruth G. Kumar

Assistant Professor
DegreeSpecializationUniversity / InstitutionYear of Completion
1Post-DoctoralEducationUGCStarted in 2009
2Ph.D.EducationMG University2007
3M.Ed.EducationUniversity of Calicut2001
4B.Ed.Social ScienceMG University1999
5M.A.EconomicsMG University1998
Area of Specialization/Interest: 

Instructional strategies, ICT in education, Economics of Education, Teacher education and Higher Education

Publications (in last 3 years): 


  • Amruth G Kumar. “Influence of organizational climate perception on Professional Aspirations of Teacher Educators”. PRAGATHY – Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Vol 1, Issue 1,July-Sept 2008, p 35-40. ISSN. 0975-377X.
  • Amruth G Kumar&Devika.R. “Effectiveness of Multimedia Learning Package in Teaching Social Science at primary level”. Experiments in Education,Vol 36,Issue 6, June 2008, p139-143
  • Amruth G Kumar. “Influence of Organisational climate perception on teaching competence of primary school teachers”.Experiments in Education,Vol 36, Issue 10, Oct 2008, p5-12
  • Amruth G Kumar. “Role of women in population control and Poverty      eradication”. Aksharasree. Vol 8,Issue 2, June 2008, p 3-5
  • Amruth G Kumar. “Information literacy”. Aksharasree.Vol 8,Issue 7, December 2008, p 3-5
  • Amruth G Kumar &Devika R. “Educational Research in Kerala”. AIAER journal. Vol. ,Issue , June 2009, P56-58. ISSN. 0970-9827.
  • Amruth G Kumar. “DrLalageBown: The privileged lived for unprivileged”. ProdhSiksha – Indian Adult Education Association ( IAEA). Vol.2, Issue. 12, Feb 2010, p
  • Amruth G Kumar. “Relationship between Information Literacy and Institutional climte Perception of Post graduate students”. EduTrack. Vol.10, Issue.1. ISSN. 0972-9844.
  • Kumar, Amruth G. “A Study on Group Differences in the Relationship between Organisational Climate Perception and Teaching Competence of Primary School Teachers”. Pub Date: 2010-01-10. ERIC Publication (ED510279)
  • Amruth G Kumar. “Issues and Challenges of Female labour Migration”. PRAGATHY – Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Vol 4, Issue 112,Apr- June 2010, p 35-40. ISSN.0975-377X
  • Amruth G Kumar & Rajesh K. “Institutional Climate Perception of Post Graduate Students in relation to their Information Literacy”. I Managers Journal of Educational Technology. Vol.6, Issue.4 Jan March 2010. ISSN 0973-0559
  • Amruth G Kumar. “Institutional climate Variables for Assessing Morale of Teacher Educators”. VETRI Education. Vol.6, Issue.2, Apr-June 2011. ISSN 0973-8614.
  • Amruth G. Kumar, Saravanan, O.S &Boopathi, R. (2011). “Child Rights Awareness among Primary School Teachers”.Endeavours in Education. Vol. 2, Issue.1, Jan-2011. ISSN 09764275.

In Edited books

  • A Chapter (Integrating Information Skills in Technical Education) in an edited book by Prof. Hariharan, and published by Macmillan publishers India Ltd. Year 2009.
  • A Chapter (Predicting Teacher Morale Using Institutional Climate perception variables of Teacher Educators) in a book Edited by Prof. Bawa and Prof. AnandPadhan, and Published by Lovely Professional University. Year 2010.
  • A Chapter (Micro Finance as a Potential source for supporting Education) in a book edited by Prof. Daniel Lazer, and Published by Pondicherry University. Year 2010.
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Conducted(Last 3 Years): 
  • International seminar  on ‘Women Education for Empowerment’ (Organised by Immaculate College of Teacher Education, Pondicherry on 5th to 6th 2010)
  • International colloquium on “European convention on Human Rights: Lessons from Experience” (Organized by University of Paris 13 and Pondicherry University on 1st 3rd 2010)
  • International Conference organized by Madanjeeth Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation at Pondicherry University on November 22 to 24, 2010
  • Multi-Disciplinary International Conference on ‘Knowledge in the New Millennium’( organized by Association of Iranian Students in India at Mysore on 15th and 16th of January 2011)
  • International Conference on ‘Micro Finance’ (organized by Commerce department of Pondicherry University on 27th to 29th January 2011)
  • One day orientation programme for academic councellors of IGNOU at IGNOU regional center, Cochin on 20-9-2008
  • Workshop on preparation of syllabi in women education for Degree and PG courses (Organised by NSS Training College Ottapalam on 24th to 26th June 2009)
  • Workshop on Framing guidelines for Community Colleges (Organised by State Resourse Centre and IGNOU at Trivandrum)
  • Enviornmental education (Organised by WWF and NSS training college ottapalam on 23-3-2009)
  • National level seminar Organised by Jesus Training College, Mala. 2009
  • National level seminar organized by Department Of Economics, Pondicherry University. 2009
  • National level seminar on ‘Class room Applications of Critical pedegogy’ organized by Mahajubilee Training College, Mullorkara on 25th July 2009
  • National level seminar on Financing Higher Education : Policy issues(organized by Department of Economics, Pondicherry University on 3rd Dec 2009)
  • National level seminar on ‘Consciousness and Self Identity’ (organized by Department Of Philosophy, Pondicherry University on 21-23 Jan 2010)
  • National seminar on ‘Education for Socially and Economically Deprived” (Organised by organized by School of Education, Pondicherry University on 12 to 13 March 2010)
  • National Seminar on ‘Critical pedagogy: A New way for Curriculum Transaction’ (Organised By Teacher Education Centre of University of Calicut on 20- 5- 2010)
  • UGC Sponsored National seminar  on ‘ Open door Policy in Higher Education’ (organized by NSS Training College, Ottapalam on 16th  to 18th June 2010)
  • National level seminar Globalisation and social justice: Invoking Gandhian Ideals (organized by Department of Gandhian Thought, Pondicherry University on 25th to 27th Nov 2009)
  • National level workshop on Development of Lesson plans based on Critical pedagogy and issue based curriculum (organized by Department of Education, Calicut University on 5th and 6th August 2010)
  • Regional Seminar (Organised by Gandhigram Rural University on 15th and 16th  December 2010)
  • Chaired a session in a National seminar on ‘Quality, Expansion and Inclusion in Indian Higher Education’ (organized by Department of Education, University of Calicut on 3rd February 2011)
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Research award from UGC, India



Certificate of Merit for Teaching from Pondicherry University


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